Report a violation

Hello all –

Did you know you can report a violation online? Go here:

707 Leahy and Aimco have violated multiple city ordinances which require notice, compensation, relocation assistance, and the like.

Further, I believe that Aimco has incorporated certain terms in our leases which are unenforceable.

Also, we should be submitting to the Better Business Bureau, and calling the tenant help hotline provided in the previous post.

Tenant Rights

I’m compiling a list below of tenant rights. Please check the list and comment with any additional sites which may provide some guidance.

Basic San Mateo county tenant rights:

Legal Aid for Housing in San Mateo (available in English and Spanish)

Redwood City New Tenants Rights (Effective Jan 1, 2019)

Importantly, the Redwood City Tenants Rights detail several mechanisms in which the property must provide for 3 months worth of rent for certain individuals, ensure there is a minimum 12 month term for leasing, and the like. These forms are available in both English and Spanish.

Fuck AimCo and Fuck 707 Leahy

707 Leahy Apartments are a place where many people called home. Some for many years and some for only a few weeks.

Amid the second and third weeks of April, AimCo management decided to let everyone in the complex know that they had 60 days to vacate.

This website is to warn people to stay away from this property (707 Leahy – and other Aimco properties), as well as to provide some semblance of guidance and assistance to all of those affected.